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Amidst the backdrop of Covid-19 and ensuing lockdowns, shopping habits have undergone a seismic shift, particularly among younger demographics. Social media platforms, notably TikTok, have blurred the lines between browsing and buying, catalyzing what experts now call a cultural phenomenon: #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. This viral hashtag has been used over seven billion times, illustrating the platform's immense influence in driving consumer behavior.
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Google Photos launches the feature of grouping similar images. Here are the details!

29.01.2024 09:06 AM
Google Photos launches the feature of grouping similar images. Here are the details!
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Google Photos launches the feature of grouping similar images. Here are the details!
The photo management service, Google Photos, has launched a new feature that allows for grouping similar photos and displaying them in the form of packages to facilitate their organization and access.

When you open the application, a pop-up window will appear explaining how the similar photo grouping feature works, which can find similar photos and video clips and place them in one place, with the ability to activate them directly from that window as soon as it is available.

This feature helps arrange the photos and videos that fill the photo gallery, which displays the items in chronological order, and it is difficult for most users to arrange them in a convenient way.

It is worth noting that this feature only contributes to organizing the display of images, and does not change or delete any images within the gallery.

When the “Group Similar Images” feature is activated, images are displayed in packages of different sizes, with a prominent image for each package, a distinct icon, and a number indicating the number of photos and videos in the package.

Images are shared by long pressing on the package and then selecting “Share”, with options to share all images or the most important image in the package.

Google creates Photo Packs automatically, grouping photos and videos taken over a short period of time together and automatically highlighting the featured image.

Google provides different options for editing in packages, including ungrouping images, rearranging images in them, changing the featured image, deleting an image from it, and others, as Google explains in the support document for this feature on its official website.

This feature can be accessed on Android and iOS by going to Settings, then clicking on Preferences, then activating or disabling the “Group Similar Images” feature.
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