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Social Metrics Reporting

Social Metrics Reporting

Your leading social media platforms metrics gathered in one Interface. Check your most important social KPIs from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube while browsing your email.

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Data reporting often slows teams down, as it requires time and knowledge to gather, extract and compare data. dooklik Social Metrics Reporting service will save you time and effort by giving you a top-level view into your performance and level up your confidence with data-backed decisions.

With dooklik Social Metrics Reporting service, you don’t need to be a data analyst to understand your social media insights and aim for results. Track your social media insights daily in one interface without jumping from one platform to another to check your stats. dooklik Social Metrics Reporting acts a one-stop shop for your social monitoring needs. Know how many followers you acquired in one day, how many you lost, your reach, your engagement metrics, likers, subscribers, views and viewers all displayed in an easy-to-understand, presentation-ready report that you could check from the comfort of your email inbox.
dooklik Social Metrics Reporting service pulls data from multiple platforms and lets you check into all your social media numbers in one place. It monitors the most important metrics and use comparison values to tell you if you improved or regressed in terms of followers, likes, views, and engagement. By giving you an aggregated report of your marketing efforts and performance on each platform this service will help you focus your spending on winning platforms and improve reluctant ones, all in the aim to grow your business.
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Why choose dooklik Social Metrics Reporting service?
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Daily Social Media Metrics
Keep track daily of your key social metrics from across different social networking sites centralized in one report, displaying metrics of 7 consecutive days and comparison value with previous 7 seven days to take data-backed decisions on the spot
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Time and Effort Saving
Save Time and effort while quickly checking followers, likers, subscribers, views while immediately highlighting improvement or drop in figures posts across all platforms
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Performance Comparing 

Quickly compare and contrast your performance across all major social platforms in a unified metrics report and get a clear picture of your social media ROI
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Milestones Alert
Set Milestones for each platform and receive an alert whenever the required number of followers, likes or subscribers is reached
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Easy Access
No need to log into any dashboard just contact our sales team to get access to the service and receive daily emails that you can check, read and analyze following your timetable
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Easy-to-understand Reports
Share the easy-to-understand, presentation-ready reports with your marketer, team members, partners… without giving access to your owned accounts. 
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Choose the platform you want to focus on as metrics are broke down by specific platform features, like audience, views, and engagement. 
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Data Integrity
Ensure data integrity by having one centralized data intelligence platform. 
dooklik Social Metrics Reporting package includes:
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Number of profiles
One social media profile coverage 
package <strong>doo</strong>klik
Number of Platforms
4 social platforms analytics aggregation (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
package <strong>doo</strong>klik

Reports Frequency

2 Daily centralized data intelligence reports sent via email covering daily breakdown for 7 days
package <strong>doo</strong>klik
Mail list
A list of 4 selected email addresses 
package <strong>doo</strong>klik
24/7 Email support for any inquiry or needed assistance
package <strong>doo</strong>klik
Milestones Alerts 
Email alerts upon reaching set milestones to notify you of reaching your KPIs 
If you wish to customize your package, add profiles or features kindly Contact our Sales team now and they will help you find out the best-tailored solution for your business.

Your leading social media platforms metrics gathered in one Interface. Check your most important social KPIs from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube while browsing your email.

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Social Metrics Reporting
  • Daily social media metrics report
  • Performance Comparison
  • Milestones Alerts
  • 24/7 Email support
  • Easy-to-understand KPIs
  • Ready-to-share reports with your marketer
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    Choose the exact audience you want to reach and let dooklik team save you the hassle of marketing your business on social platforms. Engaging posts, stories to go viral, and quick concise reports to assess performance. A small business package for big results!

    Choose the audience you want to reach and let dooklik team save you unnecessary spending on social platforms. Engaging posts in display and videos, results monitoring, open conversation with followers backed by performance assessment.
    dooklik end-to-end content management servicing can leverage the information you share with your customers and business partners at a minimal cost to optimize your brand and product awareness and trust.
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