Web Push Notification

Web Push Notification

Notify your customers and users about your new products, new line release, updated blog, live session or any type of reminder in a timely, measurable and un-intrusive manner. Build, engage, and retain your audience with dooklik web notification.

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Web push notification from dooklik is a highly effective marketing channel with a minimum budget. Keep your users updated with the latest and the greatest of your business with messages that pop on their mobile devices or desktops.


You don’t need to have a mobile application to benefit from push technology. dooklik push notification service uses your website visitors’ browsers to send your marketing messages even if they are not on your website at that moment. If the browser is offline, the message is queued until the browser is connected to the internet.

Users can simply subscribe to these notifications by clicking on the Allow button on the permission prompt. Only users who have allowed their browsers to receive these clickable rich content messages from your website will be reached.

On Desktop, notifications are delivered to the browser, right next to the taskbar. As for mobile, they are delivered directly in the notification tray. Users can pull the notification, swipe to dismiss or click and engage with the content while you can analyze the performance and enhance efficiency with our analytics dashboard.


Send breaking news updates, inform users about a new article, announce a new product, retarget users who abandoned your cart, remind audience about an amazing video, podcast or a live stream… Measure the performance of each push you send and adjust your strategy following your exact KPIs, all this and more is a click away with dooklik web push notification delivered to your audience at a lightning speed.

Why Choose dooklik Web Push Notification?
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Custom Push Notification Design
Customize your notification service prompt message design to fit your business look and feel.
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Schedule Push Notification
Schedule your messages in advance, so they would be delivered timely and you save time and avoid scrambling at the last minute. 
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Track Performance

Track the performance of each notification you send with our in-depth analytics fully integrated with Google Analytics. Measure the following KPIs:
- Number of devices the push was sent to
- Number of users the push notification reached
- Number of users who clicked on the notification to open it 
- Number of devices registered vs Number of devices removed daily and lifetime 
- Number of Average registered devices today vs last 7 days 
- Number of users visiting your website due to dooklik web push service 
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User Engagement
Enjoy proved better user engagement and click-through rates between 5% - 15%, which is extremely effective and powerful. 
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Operating Systems
Reach any user as all browsers support web push notifications across all operating systems.  
Protection and Privacy
Being compliant with data protection and privacy laws such as GDPR for EU and CCPA for California is critical for businesses throughout the world. 
dooklik web push notification package includes:
Packages <strong>doo</strong>klik
Frequency of messages
4 pushed messages / day
Packages <strong>doo</strong>klik

Devices Subscription

100 k subscribed device 
Packages <strong>doo</strong>klik
Prompt message template – Branding 
Packages <strong>doo</strong>klik
Access to scheduler 
Packages <strong>doo</strong>klik
Access to analytics dashboard 
If you are not sure what package is most suitable for your business or need to customize your package Contact our Sales team now and they will help you find out the best-tailored solution for your business.

Notify your customers and users about your new products, new line release, updated blog, live session or any type of reminder in a timely, measurable and un-intrusive manner. Build, engage, and retain your audience with dooklik web notification.

Package Summary
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Web Push Notification
  • Custom Push Notification Design 
  • Custom Push Notification Scheduling  
  • In-depth analytics to track performance 
  • 4 pushed messages / day
  • Up to 100 k subscribed device
  • Support across browsers and OS 
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