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Be careful before posting your videos on TikTok… This is what happened to a famous influencer

29.10.2023 05:22 AM
Be careful before posting your videos on TikTok… This is what happened to a famous influencer
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Be careful before posting your videos on TikTok… This is what happened to a famous influencer

The famous influencer in Britain, nicknamed "Mizzy", was banned from using social media after he was convicted of publishing video clips without the consent of their owners, according to what was published by the Independent newspaper.

It emerged that the star Mizzy, whose real name is Bakari Bronze-Ogaro, had “deliberately flouted” a court order prohibiting him from sharing videos of people without their consent “within hours” of his admission, while criticizing Judge Matthew Boone, who is overseeing the trial of the 19-year-old in... At Stratford District Court on Thursday, O'Garo described him as "lacking in all credibility" after he denied four charges of breaching the order.

The young man's father ordered him not to use social media at all except for sending messages until he is sentenced next month, and warned that he may go to prison for the crimes he committed.

This came after O'Garo's defense lawyer, Paul Lennon, revealed to the court earlier on Thursday that his client had been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Ogaro's main witness in the case, who was scheduled to testify at the trial, was also arrested and they were released on bail on the condition that they not contact each other.

While the defense lawyer tried to postpone the hearing, claiming that Ojaro could not get a “fair trial” without his only witness, the judge rejected his request.

The court heard how the controversial young man began sharing video clips of people without their consent on the same day the criminal behavior order was issued on May 24. Footage was also shown that was shared on his Twitter account on the night of May 24, showing him at the Westfield Centre. For shopping, in Stratford, after appearing on Piers Morgan's TalkTV show and mocking the British justice system.

In addition, other videos shared on the young man’s Snapchat account, which were also violated, showed him grabbing a student by his uniform, and others showed him fighting a man with dwarfism, which Ogaro claimed were deceptive videos produced with their prior consent.

“Mizzy,” who is followed by hundreds of thousands on the short video application, had previously posted shocking clips in which he filmed his entry into several homes in London without permission from their owners, which prompted some of their residents to become terrified, thinking that he was a thief or some criminal. He also filmed himself breaking into a man's car, pretending it was the "taxi" he had requested, and whenever the car's owner was about to kick him out, he returned, opened the door again and entered, in moments that angered thousands of Britons.


He is known for posting "funny" videos of pranks he carries out on others, such as stealing someone's dog or even taking his car. However, over the past few days, he has sparked widespread controversy, and TikTok has received many reports to close his account.


So, before posting your videos on TikTok, be careful, as you may face court rulings that prevent you from using social media sites, just as happened to “Mizzy.”

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