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Coming soon: Hum to search songs on YouTube

24.08.2023 08:46 AM
Coming soon: Hum to search songs on YouTube
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YouTube is testing a new feature that will let you find a song by simply humming the tune into your phone's microphone.
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Coming soon: Hum to search songs on YouTube
YouTube is testing a new feature that will let you find a song by simply humming the tune into your phone's microphone.

 The latest feature will also work if you place your phone near a loudspeaker or other sound source at times when you don't feel like humming.

It takes three seconds or more of audio to find the track you're looking for. "Once a song is identified, you will be sent to the relevant official music content," says the official support page.

Aside from the official source of the song — most likely the name of the artist or label — YouTube will also display a list of other content such as short videos and user-generated clips with that song playing in the background.

The trial is currently limited to the Android app, but it's already starting to reach a small group of users. And you can access it by turning on the voice search feature in the YouTube app, where you can just hum rather than dictate the song title or singer details.

YouTube's "Crown for Identification" feature is a global test, but there's no word on when it will be widely released.

And you can try the same feature with the Google Assistant, as the default Google Assistant has had the same feature since 2020. The humming feature works for more than 20 languages and can be operated directly from within the Google application. This action actually provides more flexibility, as it identifies all the potential songs that match your hum, and then lets you enjoy them in any music app of your choice.
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