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Barbie Movie Shines Bright with Over $1 Billion Box Office Revenues

08.08.2023 04:04 AM
Barbie Movie Shines Bright with Over $1 Billion Box Office Revenues
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Barbie Movie Shines Bright with Over $1 Billion Box Office Revenues

Warner Bros. Pictures, a unit of Warner Bros. Discovery Co, said on Sunday that worldwide revenues for the "Barbie" movie have surpassed $1 billion since its July 21 debut.

And the company added in a statement that the revenues of the fictional comedy movie amounted to 459 million dollars in the United States and Canada, and another 572.1 million dollars abroad since its launch in theaters, for a total of 1.0315 billion dollars.

Media analytics firm ComScore confirmed the revenue.

Warner Bros. said that Greta Groeg, the writer and director of the Oscar-nominated "Barbie", also became the first female filmmaker to cross the billion-dollar revenue threshold for one of her works.

This was the third weekend in theaters for "Barbie". Comscore said the film grossed $127 million worldwide on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, including $53 million domestically and another $74 million overseas.

Ticket sales for "Barbie" now rank second this year after the "Super Mario Brothers" movie, which premiered in April and brought in $1.357 billion in total at the box office.

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