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Artificial intelligence sponsored by "Google" may overthrow journalists... Here's the news!

21.07.2023 08:51 AM
Artificial intelligence sponsored by "Google" may overthrow journalists... Here's the news!
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Artificial intelligence sponsored by "Google" may overthrow journalists... Here's the news!

A Google spokesperson announced that the company is exploring opportunities to use artificial intelligence tools in writing press articles, and is in talks with news organizations to help journalists through these tools.

The spokesman did not name the institutions, but the American New York Times reported that Google had discussions with The Washington Post, News Corp, which owns the Wall Street Journal, and even with The New York Times itself, among others. other institutions.

The spokesman said that artificial intelligence tools can, for example, help journalists choose different titles and writing styles in a way that "enhances their work performance and productivity," adding that the idea is still in "early stages of study."

The idea of introducing artificial intelligence to the field of journalism, like other fields, raises workers' concerns about the possibility of dispensing with its services, which could be implemented by a "robot".

But a Google spokesperson added: "These tools are not intended to replace the primary role journalists play in preparing, publishing, and validating reports."

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