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Google unveils 'magic wand' to draft documents as AI race tightens

15.03.2023 08:27 AM
Google unveils 'magic wand' to draft documents as AI race tightens
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Google unveils 'magic wand' to draft documents as AI race tightens
Alphabet Inc's Google unveiled a suite of artificial intelligence tools for its email, collaboration and cloud services.

And in a renewed competition between the two technology giants, as each unveiled a chatbot last month, Alphabet called the "magic wand" on its famous "Google Docs" program, which can draft a marketing blog, training plan, or other texts, and then revise its style at the discretion of users. A company official confirmed to reporters.

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced an event on Thursday about "Innovation in Generative Artificial Intelligence," during which it is expected to unveil a competing document processor, Word.
Alphabet also said its new artificial intelligence tool will be able to summarize message topics in Gmail, craft slideshows, personalize customer communications and take meeting notes as it updates its Google Workspace software, a suite of products with billions of users. On free and paid accounts.

"This is the next phase where we give the human element the support of a collaborative AI tool, which is running in real time," Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said in a press briefing.

Alphabet is giving certified beta users access to new Workspace features on a rotating basis throughout the year before a broader launch, much as it and Microsoft did for the gradual release of chatbots.

Kurian refused to disclose the cost of "Workspace" in its most advanced version for companies or individuals.

Kurian stressed that Google remains "strongly committed to responsible artificial intelligence," setting controls for customers and reviewing the proper use of its products.
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