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7 signs someone is spying on your phone

23.02.2023 06:30 AM
7 signs someone is spying on your phone
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7 signs someone is spying on your phone

Whether you have something to hide or not, experts have revealed seven signs that you may not be the only person accessing your mobile phone, and someone is using it secretly.

1. Check your internet history

If you are dealing with an experienced phone spy, it is likely that he will not be exposed easily.

But even then, checking your browsing history may reveal that someone has been using your phone without your knowledge.

2. Look at the app's library

On iPhones, this can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and pausing in the middle for a moment.

For older models, you can alternatively double-click the home button.

This shows you the order of the apps you've used recently, which means if something unexpected pops up, something might be wrong.

3. Data usage is extraordinarily high

Are you getting the dreaded text message that your data balance has almost been depleted for the month a little earlier than usual?

This may indicate that someone has been using your phone more than usual.

You might only be able to find out if someone is snooping a lot on your phone — but unusually high data usage might still be a sign.

4. Read messages without your knowledge

Another obvious way to spot unusual activity is to have all your messages marked as read when you haven't actually clicked on them.

And you might start getting messages from friends asking you why you haven't responded, for example.

And unfortunately for all phone spies - you can't read the message. This makes it even easier to catch them!

5. Screen time

Similar to high data usage levels, if your screen time suddenly goes up, this could be another indication that someone has been using your phone without your knowledge.

And by going into your settings, you can see all activity on Screen Time.

In addition to monitoring the total time you spent on your phone, you can also check which apps you were using at any time of the day.

6. You receive strange or offensive text messages

Your phone spy may have heard the above tip and deleted any conversations they had.

If you then start getting strange or angry messages from people who seem to have been in conversation with you, this could be another sign.

7. Battery life degradation

Last but not least - a simple enough way to check if someone is using your phone is to check the battery life.

If your battery life suddenly drops - out of nowhere - to red, this could be a sign of unusual activity.

And the continuous deterioration in battery life may just be a sign that you need to update your phone.

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