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The 10 most powerful earthquakes ever recorded

06.02.2023 02:07 AM
The 10 most powerful earthquakes ever recorded
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The 10 most powerful earthquakes ever recorded
Earthquakes are one of the worst natural disasters that constantly afflict the planet, and although most of these earthquakes are not felt, others are more powerful, and the latter always have catastrophic consequences, whether material or human, and throughout history it has been known The world has many devastating earthquakes, which we know are more powerful than ever.

What are earthquakes?
Earthquake or earthquake is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the rock plates move in the earth's crust, and it is a phenomenon that occurs all over the world, but it is more common in certain regions on the face of the earth. The countries most exposed to earthquakes are Chile and Indonesia. Earthquakes are measured using the Richter scale, a scale that runs from 0 degrees to 10, and so far no earthquake has reached a magnitude of 10, but it has been close to it on a number of occasions, including in the most powerful earthquake in history.

The most powerful earthquake recorded in history
The strongest earthquake recorded in history is the Valdivia earthquake, or as it is known as the Great Chilean earthquake. The Valdivia earthquake is a strong earthquake that struck the state of Chile in the year 1900, and although it was the strongest earthquake in history, the number of victims did not exceed 7,000, which is a small number compared to other earthquakes, including the Lisbon earthquake, which killed more than 100 thousand people, Its intensity was less than the Valdivia earthquake. The earthquake occurred on Sunday, May 22, 1960, with a magnitude of 9.5 on the Richter scale.

The 10 most powerful earthquakes ever recorded
1. Valdivia earthquake 9.5 magnitude

2. Great Alaska earthquake 9.2 magnitude
3. Indian Ocean earthquake 9.1 magnitude

4. Tohoku earthquake 9.1 magnitude
5. Kamchatka earthquake 9.0 magnitude

6. Maule(Chile) earthquake 8.8 magnitude

7. Ecuador-Colombia earthquake 8.8 magnitude

8. Rat Islands earthquake 8.7 magnitude

9. Assam earthquake 8.6 magnitude

10. Sumatra Earthquake 8.6 magnitude
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