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The first space rocket made with 3D printing technology was successfully launched on Wednesday from Cape Canaveral, Florida, but a "glitch" occurred during the flight that prevented it from reaching its orbit, according to a live broadcast. Terran 1, developed by Relativity Space, is an unmanned rocket that was supposed to collect data and prove that a 3D-printed spacecraft can withstand the elements just as well as regular spacecraft.
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The Snow Moon will arrive this February!

03.02.2023 05:52 AM
The Snow Moon will arrive this February!
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The second full moon of 2023 adorns Earth's sky on Sunday evening, February 5, which has been widely known as the "Snow Moon".
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The Snow Moon will arrive this February!
The second full moon of 2023 adorns Earth's sky on Sunday evening, February 5, which has been widely known as the "Snow Moon".

The full moon of February was called the "snow moon" because this month of the year is often the coldest in most countries in the northern hemisphere, a number of which witness snowfall.

A full moon is the lunar phase when the moon appears fully lit from Earth's perspective. This happens every 29.5 days, which is how long it takes the moon to revolve around the earth and complete one cycle of the lunar phase.

And when more than 98% of the moon's disk is illuminated, the snow moon will appear complete to the naked eye, starting from February 4, reaching its peak fullness on February 5, and continuing to appear complete until February 6.

Full moon February will reach its peak full at 6:29 pm GMT on Sunday evening, February 5.

The snow moon will be the second and last mini moon of the year.

This year will witness 13 full moons, with two full moons in August, a phenomenon that occurs every 2.8 years.
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