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Why is your baby crying? This new device will tell you why!

21.01.2023 03:51 AM
Why is your baby crying? This new device will tell you why!
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Why is your baby crying? This new device will tell you why!
Quantum Music has developed a new device called Qbear that uses artificial intelligence to analyze why babies cry.

In just 10 seconds, the device can determine with 95 percent accuracy if a baby is hungry, tired, needs a break, or even has a dirty diaper. The device also displays up-to-date information on room temperature and pain analysis, and tracks the baby's physiological condition at any time.

The device is programmed to automatically play a patented womb-simulating lullaby and noise, and when it detects that baby is 'tired', it turns on a carefully designed sleep aid light.

In this regard, Hikari Tsai, CEO of Quantum Music, the manufacturer of the device, said in a statement: “Parents have difficulty reconciling professional requirements with family life, so we invented Qbear to help parents understand their children, thus providing more support for both parents and children.”

However, the company notes that there are times when a baby cries that do not correspond to one of the four conditions detected by the AI.
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