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On this day in history, July 10, 1856, inventor Nikola Tesla is born: 'Keen interest in nature'

10.07.2024 04:20 AM
On this day in history, July 10, 1856, inventor Nikola Tesla is born: 'Keen interest in nature'
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On this day in history, July 10, 1856, in what is now Croatia, was born the inventor Nikola Tesla.
According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Tesla's father was a priest in the Serbian Orthodox Church.
Despite her lack of education, his mother was "quite clever."
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On this day in history, July 10, 1856, inventor Nikola Tesla is born: 'Keen interest in nature'
From an early age, the younger Tesla developed a strong interest in science. He began conducting experiments at the age of six. "He created water turbines in primary school and dreamed of using the power of Niagara Falls to generate electricity; in 1896, his dream came true.
" When Tesla was a young adult, he had jobs installing lights in Paris and at the Budapest Telephone Exchange. Tesla was able to develop accomplishments at each of these positions which revolutionized current technology. Tesla "built an amplifier and upgraded the equipment" in Budapest and "made modifications to Edison's dynamos and established an automatic regulator" in Paris. At the age of 28, Tesla emigrated to the United States in 1884.

Tesla met Thomas Edison the same year he arrived in New York City "with four pennies in his pocket."
Working on the electrical system of the ocean liner "Oregon," the first ship with electric light, Edison "basically hired Tesla on the spot."
When Edison discovered that Tesla had fixed the ship's seriously damaged set of dynamos, he was surprised.
The following year Tesla and Edison's friendship would fall apart because Edison had allegedly broken his promise to pay Tesla $50,000 in exchange for Tesla developing his direct current generator.
Edison said to Tesla, "You do not understand our American humor," when he declined to pay him despite his efforts to make the generator better.
According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Tesla's patents for the alternating-current dynamo, transformer, and motor are among his notable achievements.
In May 1888, such patents were sold to George Westinghouse.
The deal started a massive power battle between Tesla-Westinghouse's alternating-current strategy and Edison's direct-current systems, which both ended up winning in.
According to California State University, Long Beach, Tesla created the "Tesla coil" in 1891, the year he obtained U.S. citizenship. It is an air-core transformer with main and secondary coils adjusted to resonate.
The same source claimed that "Tesla imagined it as a mechanism to convey electrical power without wires."
According to the Tesla Science Center, during the course of his life, Tesla would eventually amass over 300 patents.
In particular, he found the idea of a wireless energy transfer system to be intriguing.
It has been stated that in his later years, he developed an unusual fixation on the pigeons that lived next to his hotel.
Tesla himself passed away on January 7, 1943, in his hotel room, penniless, despite having had a lasting influence on electricity as we know today, according to Tesla Universe.
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