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Exploring Global Social Media User Metrics

04.02.2024 07:06 AM
Exploring Global Social Media User Metrics
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Exploring Global Social Media User Metrics

The number of social media users has risen to more than 5 billion people, or about 62.3 percent of the world's population.

The report, prepared by the media monitoring company “Multiwater” and the “WeR Social” agency specializing in social media, and based on figures collected by the digital consulting company “Kebios”, stated that the number of users of social networking sites increased last year by 5.6 percent, exceeding the increase in the world’s population. amounting to 0.9 percent.

Facebook, a subsidiary of Meta, had the largest number of users, reaching 2.19 billion.

The "Instagram" application, which is also owned by Meta, came in second place with 1.65 billion users, followed closely by "Tik Tok", whose number of users reached 1.56 billion.

The report warned of the difficulty of obtaining accurate numbers due to automated accounts or people using different identities.

The study revealed that the most searched word on Wikipedia was “GPT chat,” indicating a growing interest in artificial intelligence.

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