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Tasting food remotely? Is this the future of F&B industry? Here is the answer!

29.06.2023 07:48 AM
Tasting food remotely? Is this the future of F&B industry? Here is the answer!
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Tasting food remotely? Is this the future of F&B industry? Here is the answer!
A groundbreaking report has predicted a future revolution in the way we eat, with the integration of artificial intelligence to determine healthy meals and experience food remotely. Led by delivery company Deliveroo, the report suggests the development of breathing technology that could provide personalized meal options.
Additionally, future advancements may enable buyers to remotely taste food through delivery applications before placing an order. The report also proposes the use of virtual and augmented reality to deceive individuals who dislike vegetables into thinking they are consuming chocolate or sweets. For those looking to reduce alcohol consumption, juices that mimic the taste and flavor of real wine could be served.
Sky News reports that upcoming products may include anti-aging ice cream and menus with specified levels of dopamine, the "happy hormone." The report, titled "Food of the Future," even envisions virtual reality dinner parties where consumers can create meals with celebrities. These revolutionary technologies are expected to become available within the next 20 years, according to the report.

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