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Google can now read your doctor’s bad handwriting... Here's HOW!

27.12.2022 02:18 AM
Google can now read your doctor’s bad handwriting... Here's HOW!
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Google can now read your doctor’s bad handwriting... Here's HOW!

Google announced at its annual conference in India that it is working with pharmacists to explore ways to decipher doctors' handwriting on prescriptions.

The new Google feature, which is currently a search form and not yet ready for the public, allows users to either take a picture of a prescription or upload one from a photo library. Once the image is processed, the app detects it and highlights the drugs mentioned in the note, a Google executive explained.

In a statement, Google said: "This will serve as an assistive technology to digitize handwritten medical documents by increasing the number of people in the loop such as pharmacists, but no decision will be made based solely on the output provided by this technology."

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