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5 Major updates await WhatsApp Users – Find out Here!

15.11.2022 07:51 AM
5 Major updates await WhatsApp Users – Find out Here!
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5 Major updates await WhatsApp Users – Find out Here!

WhatsApp is working on five major updates, including a change to the way group chats work, and other new features in the beta version.

According to WABetaInfo, these upcoming talks will make a big difference in the application's work.

While it is not specified when all these features will be introduced in the public version of WhatsApp, it may take days or weeks, while some updates may take months.

5 major updates

Here are five of the new features that are being developed.

First: a section dedicated to disappearing messages that has been redesigned to make it easier to use.

Second: the ability to quickly open chats using your phone number so you can talk.

Third: Develop a mode that allows you to add an additional phone number to your existing WhatsApp account.

Fourth: Automatic mute when joining large WhatsApp groups.

Fifth: New support for the system-wide Do Not Disturb feature, which will detect missed calls while on mute.

These changes should make using the app much easier, although there is no exact release date for any of them.

While the group chat feature is very useful as it starts if you try to join a group with more than 256 participants.

Especially since it is currently impossible to have a group with more than 512 members, but WhatsApp is also testing a separate change that expands the maximum group sizes to 1024 people.

Group chat feature

WhatsApp group sizes were originally limited to 100 people, before changing to 256 in 2016.

Then, earlier this year, that number increased to 512.

It is noteworthy that those who wish to try the new WhatsApp features, before making them available to everyone, can join the WhatsApp beta version through the Google Play Store from Android devices.


Joining the WhatsApp beta on iPhone is more difficult and has limited capacity.

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