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After a long wait, Apple introduces the “Face ID” feature with the muzzle

28.03.2022 10:35 AM
After a long wait, Apple introduces the “Face ID” feature with the muzzle
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After a long wait, Apple introduces the “Face ID” feature with the muzzle
The American electronics giant, Apple, has launched the new version of the operating system for smart devices, which is iOS 15.4, and it contains a wide range of new features that facilitate access to and increase the functions of iPhone smart phones, according to the Emirati statement.

The new version of the operating system includes the long-awaited feature known as “Universal Control” to operate the “Face ID” function, that is, the use of facial features as a password to unlock the iPhone, which allows the use of “Face ID” even if the user wears a muzzle. protective. The new version also includes 37 new emoji.

As the name iOS 15.4 indicates, the new version represents the fourth new update to the basic version of iOS 15 and was launched with the iPhone 13 smartphone last September.
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