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How a Hospital Robot Became a Hit Among Nurses and Patients

20.12.2023 06:32 AM
How a Hospital Robot Became a Hit Among Nurses and Patients
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How a Hospital Robot Became a Hit Among Nurses and Patients

Hospitals facing a shortage of nurses are turning to Moxi, a robot designed by Diligent Robotics, to handle non-patient interactions. Moxi runs errands, like delivering supplies, reducing nurses' cognitive load and allowing more time for patient care.

The robot's design focuses on being nonthreatening and transparent in its actions. Even though Moxi's role was primarily to assist nurses, patients became fascinated with it during trials, requesting selfies and sending letters. The positive response from both staff and patients, initially skeptical, led to a change in perception, with nurses affectionately interacting with the robot.


Diligent Robotics aims to scale up its human-friendly robots, emphasizing collaboration rather than replacement in various industries, starting with healthcare. They envision freeing up human potential by allowing robots to handle routine tasks, fostering creativity and productivity. This approach challenges the fear of automation and suggests a future where robot teammates augment human capabilities rather than solely taking over jobs.






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