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Notre-Dame's Renewed Spire: Welcoming the Rooster Weathervane

19.12.2023 06:28 AM
Notre-Dame's Renewed Spire: Welcoming the Rooster Weathervane
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Notre-Dame's Renewed Spire: Welcoming the Rooster Weathervane

The new spire of Notre-Dame, under restoration for its scheduled reopening next year, now bears a golden copper rooster weathervane. Replacing the original that succumbed to the 2019 fire, this French symbol was blessed by the Archbishop of Paris and placed atop the cathedral.

As architect Philippe Villeneuve put it, its "wings of fire" symbolize the cathedral's rebirth from the ashes. The spire, standing tall at 96m, marks the end of reconstruction efforts, fortified with new fire protection systems to prevent future disasters. Dozens of sculptors have meticulously restored gargoyles, religious icons, and other ornaments, aiming to return the iconic structure to its former glory.

With President Macron's goal to complete restoration by December 2024, Notre-Dame's resurrection remains a testament to resilience and skilled craftsmanship.

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