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Taiwan's Iconic 'Elephant Trunk Rock' Collapses

18.12.2023 06:26 AM
Taiwan's Iconic 'Elephant Trunk Rock' Collapses
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Taiwan's Iconic 'Elephant Trunk Rock' Collapses

Elephant Trunk Rock, a beloved photo spot in northern Taiwan, has vanished after collapsing into the sea on December 15. The rock, known for its resemblance to an elephant trunk, had faced erosion risks for years and was off-limits to visitors since 2010.

Geologists attribute the collapse to constant exposure to seawater and wind, compounded by its fragile, arched structure. This collapse isn't an isolated incident; other natural formations along Taiwan's coast, like the "Queen’s Head" at Yehliu Geopark, are also at risk.

Similarly, Malta's limestone "Azure Window" met a similar fate in 2017, leading to plans for a replacement steel archway, which are yet to materialize.

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