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Exploring Japan's Sweet Delights

04.12.2023 03:40 AM
Exploring Japan's Sweet Delights
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Exploring Japan's Sweet Delights

Portuguese monks, bound for Macao, landed in Nagasaki due to bad weather, bringing sugar and changing Japan's food. Nagasaki's strong foreign trade led to a love for sweets, giving rise to treats like castella, a pound cake with Japanese twists like mizuame syrup. Fukusaya, a famous cake shop chain, offers classic castella in colorful packaging. The European influence on Japanese sweets extends to treats like dorayaki and macarons with local flavors.

Traditional Japanese-style castella.

Japan's konpeito candies, resembling stars or flowers, were inspired by Portuguese confeito, highlighting the value of sugar. Even the Imperial Family gifts bonbonnieres filled with konpeito, made by Miyamoto Shoko, showcasing Japan's ties to rich traditions and powerful connections.

A bowl of colorful konpeito candies.
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