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Exploring Christmas Cuisine Traditions in 7 Countries

26.11.2023 03:14 AM
Exploring Christmas Cuisine Traditions in 7 Countries
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Exploring Christmas Cuisine Traditions in 7 Countries
The customary Christmas meal might vary from place to place, but the concept of enjoying a sumptuous feast, whether on the actual day or the preceding evening, remains consistent.

Let's explore how people in seven countries celebrate Christmas through their unique culinary traditions. We reached out to hospitality experts who graciously shared insights into these customs, offering perspectives on what's customary for them, their families, and their friends during this festive season.

Exploring Christmas Cuisine Traditions in 7 Countries:


Lavish December 24th meals featuring seafood and capon.
Yule log desserts and brunches with creamy scrambled eggs.

Midnight Mass followed by sumptuous meals.
Tortellini in brodo and panettone as must-haves.
Feast of the seven fishes mainly in the Campania region.


Christmas morning with champagne and smoked salmon.
Dinner includes turkey or roast beef with traditional sides.
Desserts like Christmas pudding round off the celebrations.

Christmas Eve gatherings with special wheat bread.
All-day eating on Christmas with chicken soup, roast chicken, and sides.
Light desserts like baked apples or Greek yogurt.

Posole stew and traditional condiments as starters.
Festive meals with a variety of flavors and textures.
Costa Rica:

Midnight feasts featuring homemade tamales and arroz con pollo.
Grilled proteins and sides like rice with black beans.
Desserts like coconut flan and arroz con leche.


Christmas Day festivities include turkey, ham, and traditional sides.
Junkanoo Festival celebrations and seafood for Boxing Day.
Each country has its unique culinary celebrations, making Christmas a diverse and flavorful occasion worldwide.
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