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The World's Most Notable Tourism Villages of 2023

25.11.2023 03:03 AM
The World's Most Notable Tourism Villages of 2023
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The World's Most Notable Tourism Villages of 2023
The UNWTO released its 2023 list of 55 recognized tourism villages, emphasizing sustainable tourism and local authenticity. These villages span the globe from Mexico to China, focusing on cultural preservation, community values, and sustainability. Asia showcases Dongbaek in South Korea, famed for camellia flowers, and Shirakawa in Japan with picturesque snowy thatched roofs. Europe's selections include Sigüenza in Spain and Slunj in Croatia for their cultural preservation and eco-friendly initiatives. Peru leads in South America, promoting lesser-visited sites like Yanque and Chacas, while Chile's Caleta Tortel and Argentina's La Carolina also made the list for their unique features and histories. The program aims to combat overtourism, empower communities, and promote cultural preservation.
The full list of best tourism villages
• Al Sela, Jordan
• Barrancas, Chile
• Biei, Japan
• Caleta Tortel, Chile
• Cantavieja, Spain
• Chacas, Peru
• Chavín de Huantar, Peru
• Dahshour, Egypt
• Dhordo, India
• Dongbaek, Republic of Korea
• Douma, Lebanon
• Ericeira, Portugal
• Filandia, Colombia
• Hakuba, Japan
• Higueras, Mexico
• Huangling, China
• Jalpa de Cánovas, Mexico
• Kandovan, Iran
• La Carolina, Argentina
• Lephis Village, Ethiopia
• Lerici, Italy
• Manteigas, Portugal
• Morcote, Switzerland
• Mosan, Republic of Korea
• Oku-Matsushima, Japan
• Omitlán de Juárez, Mexico
• Oñati, Spain
• Ordino, Andorra
• Oyacachi, Ecuador
• Paucartambo, Peru
• Penglipuran, Indonesia
• Pisco Elqui, Chile
• Pozuzo, Peru
• Saint-Ursanne, Switzerland
• Saty, Kazakhstan
• Schladming, Austria
• Sehwa, Republic of Korea
• Sentob, Uzbekistan
• Shirakawa, Japan
• Sigüenza, Spain
• Şirince, Türkiye
• Siwa, Egypt
• Slunj, Croatia
• Sortelha, Portugal
• Anton am Arlberg, Austria
• Tân Hoá, Viet Nam
• Taquile, Peru
• Tokaj, Hungary
• Văleni, Moldova
• Vila da Madalena, Portugal
• Xiajiang, China
• Zapatoca, Colombia
• Zhagana, China
• Zhujiawan, China

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