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Things You Should Never Buy Used

18.11.2023 02:03 AM
Things You Should Never Buy Used
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 Things You Should Never Buy Used

Some people prefer from time to time to renew their home furniture or car components and may make some mistakes when borrowing some products.

There are some pieces of furniture and collectibles that are not recommended to be borrowed:

Children's furniture

Children's furniture is one of the things that it is preferable to avoid borrowing, because it may be loaded with insects, while the rest of the children's supplies may be loaded with bacteria and diseases that may harm your child.

Lingerie and swimwear

Used swimsuits are just as bad as used underwear, as they are worn for hours on end and are prone to accumulating bacteria, it is completely unhygienic to wear clothes that belonged to someone else to begin with.


Borrowing used shoes as the previous owners' feet may be carrying an infectious disease.

Mattresses and bedding

Mattresses and pillows are known to collect skin cells, pet dander, dust mites, and all kinds of bad bacteria, not to mention bed bugs. The only way to avoid this is to wash them in hot water and use bleach, a process that cannot be followed with mattresses, so skip the used ones, and buy new ones. New ones instead.

Non-stick cookware

Over time, non-stick coatings degrade and can release carcinogenic compounds, and these substances then get into your food, where they pose a health risk.

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