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AI's Impact on Teenage Girls: Unraveling the Concerns

06.11.2023 08:16 AM
AI's Impact on Teenage Girls: Unraveling the Concerns
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AI's Impact on Teenage Girls: Unraveling the Concerns

A report by the American newspaper "Washington Post" revealed a massive spread of the use of artificial intelligence tools to publish "nudity images", which threatens women, especially teenage girls, around the world, in light of the fact that most countries in the world have not yet reached laws governing and regulating these tools.

An artificial intelligence program can create nude images based on analyzes of ordinary images posted on social networking sites, making them appear as if they were highly real and consistent.

The American newspaper highlighted the influencer on YouTube, Gabby Bell (26 years old), who was greatly shocked when she learned that a naked picture of her had spread on the Internet, as she had not published any similar pictures, only to realize that they were fake.

The Washington Post noted that Bell tried to delete the photo, but the colleague she turned to told her that there were “about 100 fake photos of her spread on the Internet, all of which have one source and are applications that operate with artificial intelligence.”

The newspaper quoted artificial intelligence analyst Genevieve Oh as saying, “The top 10 sites that publish pornographic images have witnessed a 290 percent increase since 2018, in light of the spread of fake pornographic images.”

“We face a very serious problem,” Tiffany Lee, a law professor at the University of San Francisco, told the Washington Post, warning, like other law professors, that “fake artificial intelligence images are not subject to intellectual property rights laws due to their great similarity, since they are primarily based on "On a dataset of millions of images already available."

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