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Solo Travel Safety: Proven Tips to Keep You Safe

25.10.2023 07:21 AM
Solo Travel Safety: Proven Tips to Keep You Safe
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Solo Travel Safety: Proven Tips to Keep You Safe

Many people want to travel alone to have a unique experience, but this type of trip is usually dangerous in a number of countries, as the traveler becomes more vulnerable to theft or different types of dangers.

Steps to stay safe when traveling alone:

Download a map of the city you are traveling to on your phones:

You can download maps of the country or city you want to your smart devices to use them without the Internet. This step is very useful if you travel to a new city or cannot find your way to the hotel.

You can also identify on this map all the areas, restaurants, and tourist places that you want to visit. Don't forget to carry an external charging unit in your bag to charge your phone when needed.

Prepare a file full of numbers you will need in emergency situations:

Create a file that includes important information such as phone numbers and addresses of local hospitals and embassies. Add emergency phone numbers for people you know in the area. Keep this file on your phone, and you can print it and put it in your bag if the phone runs out of charge. Share your travel itinerary with your loved ones so they know where you are.

Check transportation routes:

To avoid danger or loss, all you have to do is search for public transportation options before traveling to your expected destination. This research includes knowledge of the different types of transportation available, the cost, how to pay for it, and local customs. You can find this information online, and by watching videos on the YouTube application.

Trust your intuition if you feel uncomfortable:

If you feel uncomfortable around someone, you should leave the place immediately, as happened with Jessie when a man attacked her under the pretext of helping her. You should also be careful when traveling alone, and if someone asks you about your projects, use the excuse that you will meet some friends or family. You must always be alert, prepare plans to maintain your safety before traveling, and pay attention.

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