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Giant Halloween Pumpkins on the Horizon

15.10.2023 06:00 AM
Giant Halloween Pumpkins on the Horizon
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 Giant Halloween Pumpkins on the Horizon

Summer might not have delivered the best weather, but the abundance of rain has been a boon for pumpkin growth. As Halloween approaches, it's anticipated that the main pumpkin varieties will be larger than usual.

Steve Whitworth from Oakley Farms noted that the wet weather in July and August was ideal for pumpkin cultivation. He explained, "We had a favorable growing season for pumpkins this summer, with a particularly warm June that provided a boost to the plants. The rainy spells in July and August, while not great for sun enthusiasts or barbecue aficionados, were perfect for pumpkin growth. The weather brought the right balance of rain and sunshine, especially when compared to the challenging conditions we faced during last year's record-breaking heatwave."

Lucy Moss, a pumpkin buyer at Tesco, stated that pumpkins across all size categories are expected to be larger this year. The carving pumpkin is likely to be the top choice for Halloween, but there's also a growing interest in using pumpkins for cooking. In fact, searches for pumpkin recipes on Tesco's food website have increased tenfold in the past year. Moss added, "This is great news from the perspective of reducing food waste, ensuring that nothing goes unused."

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