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The Evolving Relationship Between Creators and Marketers

14.10.2023 02:46 AM
The Evolving Relationship Between Creators and Marketers
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 The Evolving Relationship Between Creators and Marketers

At Adobe MAX in Los Angeles, we're showcasing creative technologies and solutions for collaboration. The main theme is boosting enterprise content development processes.

Digital marketing, innovation, and digital adoption have changed content demands significantly. Enterprises now need to produce vast amounts of content. Even at Adobe, we found a substantial amount of marketing assets.

To address this, follow these steps to streamline your content supply chain:

Set a Content Vision: Define a clear content objective that focuses on efficient and impactful content creation.

Establish Content Guidelines: Develop content guidelines or "content commandments" to ensure quality, speed, efficiency, and global reach.

Leverage Generative AI: Use generative AI like Adobe GenStudio to simplify content creation, streamline the supply chain, and gain content insights.

Adopt Empowering Tools: Embrace tools like Adobe Experience Manager Sites to manage and update content efficiently, ensuring fast page load times.

By investing in next-gen content and data technology and embracing AI, creative and marketing teams can succeed in delivering high-impact campaigns.

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