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Google celebrates World Teachers' Day 2023 with a special Doodle

05.10.2023 03:18 AM
Google celebrates World Teachers' Day 2023 with a special Doodle
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Google celebrates World Teachers' Day 2023 with a special Doodle

Internet search engine giant Google celebrated World Teachers' Day on Wednesday.

Google's interface is decorated with cartoons symbolizing the role of the teacher in raising generations.

The drawings depicted the body of a teacher holding a book with his head in the shape of the sun, and with the other hand he poured water on a young student, who grew and grew after water was poured on him.

Google wrote an article on his blog entitled “Honoring teachers everywhere on this International Teachers’ Day,” in which he highlighted the real voices of teachers and what it means to be a teacher today.

The article was written by Jenny Maghera, International Director of Education Impact at Google Education.

It stated that to celebrate World Teachers' Day and honor their amazing contribution to global education, Google took a look at the global trends of how people have searched for people in the search engine for teachers in education over the past.

Magiera said there has been a significant increase in searches aimed at finding out how to thank teachers in their communities.

For example, according to Google Trends, there has been a global increase in searches for terms revolving around “Thank you, teacher” by 77 percent in the last 12 months.

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