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A close encounter with 'alien bodies' in Mexico

24.09.2023 04:52 AM
A close encounter with 'alien bodies' in Mexico
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Jaime Maussan, a Mexican journalist with a long-standing fascination for UFOs, considers these mysterious findings to be among the most significant discoveries in human history. However, in the eyes of many scientists, these two petite, mummified beings with elongated skulls and three fingers on each hand—recently thrust into the global spotlight during their presentation to Mexico's Congress—are regarded as a debunked, and perhaps even deceptive, endeavor.

Inside Maussan's office, situated in the bustling Mexico City district of Santa Fe, his team cautiously transports two sealed containers with glass tops, safeguarding these enigmatic entities, to a studio equipped with green screens. On a Friday, Reuters is granted exclusive access to this intriguing spectacle. An eager crowd gathers for a closer examination. These entities exhibit an ancient appearance and share certain human-like features: two eyes, a mouth, two arms, and two legs. Maussan asserts that they were unearthed in the vicinity of the pre-Columbian Nazca Lines in Peru around 2017.

He confidently maintains that he can substantiate their otherworldly origins. Through social media and during the congressional presentation, he disseminated scientific analyses and research findings, which he contends demonstrate that these entities date back approximately 1,000 years and are unrelated to any known terrestrial species. Furthermore, he claims that one of them, described as female, was found to contain eggs.

"In my view, this is the most momentous event in the history of humanity," Maussan, now 70, declares passionately in his office adorned with vibrant artwork and paraphernalia inspired by extraterrestrial themes.

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