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Is the viral giant Irish Greyhound of 1902 real or fake?

20.09.2023 04:51 AM
Is the viral giant Irish Greyhound of 1902 real or fake?
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Is the viral giant Irish Greyhound of 1902 real or fake?

A picture spread on social networking sites that its publishers claimed was the last Giant Irish Hound photographed during the year 1902.

 However, upon careful examination of the image, it became clear that the claim is incorrect, as the image has nothing to do with the truth and is the product of an artificial intelligence program, according to what was reported by the Agence France-Presse news verification service.

The picture shows a giant dog next to a person. The accompanying comments read: “The last Giant Irish Gray Hound during the year 1902.”

The image received hundreds of shares on Facebook and the X platform, and this image was spread in the same misleading context in a number of foreign languages, and platforms specialized in verifying the news worked to refute what was said about it.

Searching for it through search engines showed that it was published on Facebook on August 31, as part of a group specialized in publishing designs implemented through artificial intelligence programs.

In response to comments that questioned the authenticity of the image, its owner explained that he used the Mid Journey program to design the image.

However, it turned out that the picture had nothing to do with reality

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