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Is Time Travel Possible?

26.08.2023 07:22 AM
Is Time Travel Possible?
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Is Time Travel Possible?

Physicists discovered a crucial thing in the history of science, as they were able to prove that Einstein's laws are not accurate, and that humanity is about to invent a time machine.

In the details, Professor Kyu Hyun-chi, from Seoul, made amendments to Einstein's laws, and was able to prove the existence of "modified gravity" and his discovery is considered truly fundamental as it turns the foundations of physics upside down.

And the scientist Kyu Hyun-chi found that both classical physics and the theory of relativity are powerless in weak gravitational fields. He said that there is no dark matter. You must stop looking for it.

This and the work of the Korean researcher was published in the most authoritative journal, The Astrophysical Journal, meaning that his research passed all possible tests and did not contain the slightest bit of error.

In the chronology of the law of gravity

When Newton published his theory in 1687, it worked perfectly. In 1846, the planet Neptune was discovered through theoretical calculations. And that was a complete victory for his theory.

However, it soon became clear that the orbit of Mercury did not obey Newton. And the study of Mercury eventually gave Einstein's theory of relativity and new physics in general. And Mercury is close to the sun, and with this strong gravity, Newton's laws failed.

In the twentieth century, while studying galaxies, scientists found that they are proceeding differently from Newton's propositions, and not as Einstein announced. In order to save both theories, they created dark matter.

 It does not interact with our matter in any way, and it is impossible to detect it, but it does attract.

In fact, physicists are afraid of what is “impossible to discover, but it exists.” As soon as lovers of anomalies declare this, they are immediately accused of penchant for pseudoscience. But they believed in dark matter (although not all) and began to search for it intensively.

The Gaia satellite was launched into Earth's orbit in 2013 to measure distances to stars, and star positions in general. It's a chore, and the data it generates doesn't make it into the press, because it's too boring.

The Korean astronomer, Kyu Hyun-chi, asked the satellite for information about the orbits of the double stars.

It is mentioned that the sun alone is a fairly rare phenomenon, in the universe, usually double, triple or more stars. And the Korean was interested in the orbits of binaries that are relatively close to us (up to 650 light years away) because this data is more accurate, and in total he analyzed 26,500 binary systems.

If a star revolves around another star, gravity prevents it from flying away. But is it strong? - No, very, very weak. And about to disappear, it turns out that the sun attracts Pluto much stronger than it attracts nearby planets.

 And it turns out that when gravity seriously weakens, it starts to increase, and this is very strange, as if you fly away from the sun, it loosens its grip, and you are almost no longer under the influence of its gravity ... And suddenly the sun seems to squeeze its claws, and you are again in capture her.

This is why binary star systems do not fly apart. The Korean wondered why this is happening?

Gravitational theories

Since August 16, we know that there are three theories of gravity:

- Newton's theory is for "everyday life": for example, Newtonian physics perfectly explains how stones fall and cars run on the ground;

- Einstein's theory of high speeds and strong fields. If you launch a satellite, you really have to take into account the theory of relativity. GPS systems do this automatically. Without Einstein, navigators would not be able to work;

- Finally, the theory of South Korean Kyu Hyun Chi, which is suitable for very weak fields.

And now it is possible to talk about time travel and make an instant visit to any place in the universe!

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