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Record-breaking heat, flooding, wildfires and monsoons are slamming the world

23.07.2023 06:30 AM
Record-breaking heat, flooding, wildfires and monsoons are slamming the world
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Record-breaking heat, flooding, wildfires and monsoons are slamming the world

The rise in temperatures this year drew the attention of scientists to examine the phenomenon and find out its causes, given that the current heat waves are evidence of a possible acceleration in climate change.

The temperature has increased in the northern hemisphere, and the land has heated up faster than the water on the surface of the planet, while temperatures are expected to witness a series of increases later in the current summer season, which may last for unprecedentedly long periods, according to a report published by The Economist magazine.

A threat to the lifestyles of humans and animals

Experts pointed out that these changes are a threat to the lifestyles of humans and animals alike, due to drought and high temperatures.

They explained that the heat is likely to worsen in the coming months due to the ongoing "El Niño" phenomenon.

They also confirmed that, according to the latest weather-tracking graph they have, the ocean surface temperature curve is running higher than ever these days.

According to the US Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 44% of the world's ocean and sea surface is currently experiencing a marine heat wave, a record since monitoring began in 1991.

The hottest in the world

It is noteworthy that the chief climate scientist at NASA was likely to be the hottest month of July 2023 in the world for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

In a meeting organized by NASA with journalists, scientist Gavin Schmidt considered that although the results of these observatories differ slightly from each other, the extreme rise in temperatures is clearly visible and will likely be reflected in the more accurate monthly reports issued by US agencies at a later time.

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