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You will soon be able to pay with your palm at the whole food stores!

22.07.2023 04:33 AM
You will soon be able to pay with your palm at the whole food stores!
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You will soon be able to pay with your palm at the whole food stores!
Amazon is set to introduce a convenient payment method at all its Whole Foods stores through the Amazon One palm recognition system. By the end of the year, this technology will be available in over 500 locations, allowing customers to make purchases with a simple wave of their hand.
Already in use at more than 200 Whole Foods stores, as well as other venues like Panera Bread, Hudson airport stores, and sports stadiums, Amazon One eliminates the need for wallets or phones during transactions. Customers can securely link their palm print to their credit or debit card information, making payments swift and effortless.
However, some privacy experts have expressed concerns about biometric data sharing. In response, Amazon assures that customer palm data is securely stored in their Amazon Web Services cloud and is not shared with third parties.

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