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France will pay you to repair your clothes

14.07.2023 04:38 AM
France will pay you to repair your clothes
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France will pay you to repair your clothes

France is set to implement a scheme aimed at reducing waste and planet-heating pollution from the textile industry by subsidizing repairs to clothing and shoes. The announcement was made by Secretary of State for Ecology, Bérangère Couillard, who outlined the details of the scheme. Discounts ranging from €6 ($7) to €25 ($28) will be offered based on the complexity of the repair required.

Couillard highlighted the objective of encouraging individuals who own quality products to opt for repairs rather than discarding them. By creating a circular economy for shoes and textiles, the aim is to extend the lifespan of products. The textile industry is predicted to contribute a significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, making it one of the world's most polluting industries.

The French Ministry of Ecology has entrusted the implementation of the scheme to a private organization called Refashion. Tailors, clothing brands, and repair shops can join the initiative through Refashion at no cost. To cover the subsidy, a small "eco-contribution" will be collected on sales. The government will not provide direct funding for the scheme, which is scheduled to begin in October.

Customers participating in the scheme will see the subsidy deducted directly from their bill. Refashion will ensure that participating companies are reimbursed within 15 days. According to Refashion, approximately 3.3 billion pieces of clothing, shoes, and household linen were introduced to the market in France in 2022. Furthermore, French individuals discard around 700,000 tons of clothing annually, with two-thirds of it ending up in landfills.

This initiative follows a similar scheme in France that targets white goods, including fridges and washing machines.





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