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Threads: A Guide to Signing Up and How It Compares to Twitter

08.07.2023 09:39 AM
Threads: A Guide to Signing Up and How It Compares to Twitter
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Threads: A Guide to Signing Up and How It Compares to Twitter

According to Mark Zuckerberg, boss of Meta, Threads, Meta's version of Twitter, garnered five million sign-ups within four hours of its launch on Thursday. This raises the question of what we can expect from this new platform.

So, how does Threads actually work? Well, it allows users to sign up using their Instagram login credentials, automatically connecting them with the accounts they already follow on Instagram as they join Threads.

On Threads, users can share posts consisting of up to 500 characters, which can include images, gifs, and videos lasting up to five minutes. The platform resembles Twitter, with short text-based content, the ability to like and repost, and even the option to quote a thread, similar to quote tweeting.

However, some users have expressed frustration with the feed, as it displays a mix of posts from followed accounts and unrelated ones. Meta has acknowledged that the feed consists of a combination of followed accounts and algorithmic recommendations. Currently, there is no way to exclusively view posts from the accounts users follow, and it remains uncertain whether this option will be available in the future.

As for direct messaging, there is currently no feature for sending direct messages to other users on Threads, which may come as a relief to some individuals.

Users have the option to keep their Instagram account private while having a public Threads account. However, if the user is under 16 years old, both their Threads and Instagram accounts are private by default. At any time, users can make their Threads account private and choose who can reply to their posts.

While Instagram offers a "close friends" setting, Threads currently does not provide a similar option. However, users can make their profile private on Threads to limit their audience to only those who follow them.

Regarding accessibility, Threads is currently available only through the iOS and Android apps. There is no desktop version at this time, and Meta has not provided information about potential future availability.

As for monetization, Meta has stated that Threads will not be monetized in the current year, but they have left open the possibility of incorporating ads in the future.

When it comes to usernames, users can log in to Threads using their Instagram login, and their existing Instagram username will be retained. This is good news for those concerned about someone else claiming their username.

As of now, it is not possible to find followers from other social media platforms on Threads. However, Meta aims to make the app similar to platforms like Mastodon, allowing users to decentralize and transfer their accounts to other supported apps through compatibility with ActivityPub.

In terms of moderation, Threads follows a similar approach to Instagram, implementing stricter guidelines than Twitter, particularly regarding nudity and hate speech.

The delayed launch of Threads in the European Union is attributed to regulatory reasons. Meta has faced concerns about the app's compliance with the EU's stringent data privacy rules.

Privacy advocates have raised concerns about the extensive personal information that Threads can collect, including health data, financial information, contacts, browsing history, location data, purchases, and other sensitive information, as stated in the app's data privacy disclosure on the App Store.

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