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Meta launching [Threads] Twitter rival soon?

05.07.2023 06:01 AM
Meta launching [Threads] Twitter rival soon?
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Meta launching [Threads] Twitter rival soon?

Meta Platforms has listed its new microblogging app, Threads, on the Apple App Store, days after Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced a temporary cap on the number of tweets each user can see.

The listing of Threads, an Instagram-affiliated texting app, on Apple's App Store came with a note indicating that it would be available to install on devices starting Thursday.

The new application will allow users to follow the accounts they follow on Instagram and keep the same username.

The launch comes after Twitter announced a list of restrictions on using the app, including the need for verified accounts to use Tweetdeck.

Meta did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment on a similar launch on the App Store for Android phones.

The "Meta" had mistakenly posted its expected application on the Google Play Store, but quickly deleted it.

The developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, said on Twitter that the "Threads" page on the Google Store contained screenshots from within the application that display some elements of the user interface, including logging in using the Instagram account, and a list of accounts that the user follows from the social photo network, so that he can choose from Follow him on the new app.

The design of the new application is very similar to the Twitter tweets platform with regard to writing a new post, as the number of characters appears below the writing box, and allowing photos and videos to be attached to the post.

When viewing posts, different buttons appear with familiar icons for liking, reposting, and commenting. Users' personal photos appear in the form of small circles, and account verification tags resemble their appearance on Instagram and Twitter.

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