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Can artificial intelligence confront crime?

08.06.2023 07:25 AM
Can artificial intelligence confront crime?
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Can artificial intelligence confront crime?
Today, Thursday, the Al-Emarat Al-Youm newspaper published an article written by Muhammad Salem Al Ali, the founder of "Suhail" company for smart solutions, titled "Can artificial intelligence combat crime?"

The article highlights that crime is an ongoing challenge faced by societies worldwide. There is a fierce competition between criminal gangs with their evolving methods and the competent authorities who continuously seek innovative ways to combat and eliminate them. The author emphasizes the rapid rise of artificial intelligence in recent years, along with its advanced technologies, which have already begun to reshape the dynamics and lend a helping hand in creating a safe and secure world in the future.

Furthermore, the author asserts that artificial intelligence has already started providing effective tools for police departments and security services to benefit from in their battle against crime. With its exceptional ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data, artificial intelligence generates predictive analyses with strategic implications. By analyzing historical crime data, identifying patterns and trends, authorities can anticipate and prevent future crimes in specific areas and times. This proactive approach allows security services to allocate resources in a planned and effective manner, deploying patrols to high-risk areas where the likelihood of criminal activities is higher. Additionally, AI-powered monitoring systems utilize advanced computer algorithms to analyze and identify suspicious elements promptly, enabling authorities to detect and respond to criminal actions swiftly.

The author further notes that AI-powered facial recognition technology aids in the identification and arrest of wanted individuals before they become aware of their pursuit. In the fight against drugs and other illegal substances, AI systems have successfully developed proactive measures and effective methods to dismantle criminal networks. These measures rely heavily on data analysis, one of the main strengths of artificial intelligence. While criminal organizations operate covertly, leaving behind complex networks and encrypted communication channels, AI algorithms analyze big data obtained from real-time monitoring of high-risk areas, online communications, financial transactions, and social media activities. This data is used to identify suspicious patterns and track illicit activities related to drug trafficking, providing evidence and data crucial for apprehending drug traffickers and criminals involved in illegal activities.

Moreover, artificial intelligence enhances border control measures by securing borders and preventing the flow of illegal drugs. AI-based systems improve border security by detecting potential drug smugglers, scanning and analyzing luggage, cargo containers, and vehicles for hidden and suspicious materials. This enables competent authorities to intercept these hazardous substances and halt their cross-border movement.

In conclusion, the integration of artificial intelligence in crime fighting has achieved remarkable success at various levels, leading to significant changes in the legal landscape worldwide. The author emphasizes that the success of artificial intelligence in combatting crime is a testament to its strength and transformative capabilities. Moreover, the author believes that the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technologies signals a remarkable development that will have a profound impact on crime, while further research studies, cooperation, and investment in these pioneering technologies will pave the way for an innovative and crime-free future.
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