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That's what Bill Gates has to stay about AI!

24.03.2023 02:13 AM
That's what Bill Gates has to stay about AI!
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That's what Bill Gates has to stay about AI!

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that artificial intelligence is the most revolutionary technology in decades, and that it is on par with the innovation of computers, mobile phones and the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Gates as asserting that "the development of artificial intelligence is as essential as manufacturing microchips, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone," pointing out that he is excited about how artificial intelligence can improve life.

Gates, along with other technicians, has developed theories about the various applications of artificial intelligence for years, a discussion that has raged since the start-up “OpenAI” launched the “ChatGPT” program in November, as artificial intelligence mainly refers to the ability of a computer to learn from large amounts of data, and thus Simulating human responses.

"The rise of artificial intelligence will free people to do things software will never do, like teach, care for the sick, and support the elderly," Gates said.

He believes AI can also help scientists develop vaccines, teach students math, and replace jobs in task-oriented fields such as sales and accounting.

He noted that one day an AI could go through a person's email inbox and schedule their meetings.

Engineers have been developing AI technology for decades, but ChatGPT is among the most sophisticated versions ever released to the public.

The new program drew attention for its human-like responses to almost any question.

However, some of his answers were wrong or mixed, highlighting ChatGPT's intrinsic limitations. Certain schools and companies have restricted people from using the chatbot, while others have encouraged people to try it. OpenAI has set off a race among tech giants to launch similar technologies, including the AI-powered Bing search engine from Microsoft, which said earlier this year it was making a multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI. It is the startup behind ChatGPT. Gates revealed that he has met people at OpenAI since 2016, saying he was "impressed by their steady progress."

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