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How can technology make you sleep better?

17.03.2023 03:00 AM
How can technology make you sleep better?
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How can technology make you sleep better?
There are many digital tools that help fall asleep and improve sleep quality, such as sleep tracking applications and white noise devices.

According to a report published by the American news network "Fox News", only 31 percent of the world's population gets "enough rest."

The network based this on the statistics of the "Apple" company, which tracks the quality of sleep through its watches.
And the specialist in technology and applications at "Fox News", Kurt Knutson, revealed the best ways to use technology to improve sleep quality, which are:

Headspace, a sleep website, provides videos that guide you on how to relax and meditate using special methods that help your body.

On the “Netflix” platform, there is a series of 7 episodes dedicated to the development of sleep, entitled “The Guide to Sleep”, each of which is rich in information that will change your life and the way you sleep.

- Calm, an app that provides sleep music and stories, some of which are narrated by famous people.
- The "Peloton" exercise application, which has a special section for regulating breathing and focusing on breathing, and has more than a thousand meditation and relaxation sessions to help a deep sleep.

Bettersleep includes sleep stories, and a system that tracks your sleep technically to provide sleep statistics.
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