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Worried about AI taking over? Here is how to adapt with it!

13.03.2023 03:20 AM
Worried about AI taking over? Here is how to adapt with it!
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Worried about AI taking over? Here is how to adapt with it!
Artificial intelligence occupied a wide range of people's interests and aspirations, so the search for it increased, and it became the topic of the hour on social media, especially among individuals interested in technology. But at the same time, it raises widespread concern among people, according to opinion polls reported by AFP.

Should we really fear the applications of artificial intelligence, foremost of which is "Chat GPT"? And how can people use AI platforms to their advantage?

The French agency quotes the Pew Research Center and Elon University that, according to a survey of more than 500 managers and employees of the technology sector last summer, on the issue of the possibility of designing artificial intelligence systems that allow humans to easily control decision-making by 2035, 44 percent of those answered Yes.

And about how to feel about artificial intelligence, the report states that adults in the United States are concerned about the general interference of artificial intelligence in daily life. Both, while more than 37 percent said they feel anxiety more than excitement.

What worries adults most in the states is the penetration of artificial intelligence into several areas of their lives, such as knowing people’s thoughts and behaviors, making important life decisions, entering the field of customer service, medical diagnosis, and many others.
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