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Stop leaving your smartphone's Bluetooth On! Here's why!

20.02.2023 02:50 AM
Stop leaving your smartphone's Bluetooth On! Here's why!
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Stop leaving your smartphone's Bluetooth On! Here's why!
A report by the American "Fox News" news network warned that you should leave the "Bluetooth" of your smartphone open all the time, indicating the dangers that you may be exposed to.
Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that allows different devices to communicate with each other. You can find it in phones, cars, speakers, televisions, headphones, keyboards, printers, and more.
Bluetooth works similar to Wi-Fi and cellular networks, but it performs simpler tasks at smaller ranges and does not require a cellular signal or Internet connection.
But how can you be exposed to dangers via "Bluetooth"?
There are several methods that hackers can use to threaten you via Bluetooth, if they are in a location near you, including:
- Sending spam and links to malicious content or software for the purpose of fraud.
- Connect to your phone and install malware on it, after which hackers will be able to listen to your conversations, read your messages and access your contacts.
The risks can be even higher if attackers get information from your phone, such as call logs, photos, passwords or bank details, and could use it to commit crimes and attach it to you. Here are tips from information security experts to protect against Bluetooth hackers:
1- Turn it off when not in use, knowing that this also increases the phone's battery life.
2- Disconnect your phone via Bluetooth from devices you no longer use or those you lose or sell.
3- Do not send sensitive information via Bluetooth, especially in public places, where others can easily intercept it.
4- Not accepting any files or messages from an unknown party via Bluetooth.
5- Do not connect the phone to devices you do not know via Bluetooth.
6- Keep your phone updated.
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