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What will the future of computers look like?

13.02.2023 08:22 AM
What will the future of computers look like?
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What will the future of computers look like?
Traditional computers no longer matter so much to the average user when they want to buy a new one. And here the next question arises: What does the future of traditional computers look like?

"It is clear that laptops currently dominate the PC market, to the extent that they make up three-quarters of new devices," explained Sven Schultz of the German magazine "Computer Bild".

The German expert explained the reason for this because the simple concept of folding laptops has become the most comfortable way for many users, and despite that, traditional computers have not lost their luster yet and cannot be viewed as outdated models.
For his part, Matthias Wellendorf, from the German magazine "" explained, "Traditional computers represent more than just huge computing boxes, since these types of devices are currently available in models of very compact sizes and elegant interfaces that can be easily integrated into the decor." living room, plus mini PCs can be easily hidden behind monitors with VESA mounts."

Games lovers
In addition, traditional computers are of particular interest to users, who require significant computing power or wish to design their own system. "Gaming enthusiasts usually rely on traditional computers, as well as users who want to get computers with more efficiency and less noise," added Wolfgang Pauler, from the specialized German magazine "Chip".
The German expert, Pauler, attributed the reason for this to the fact that traditional computers are not exposed to overheating at the same speed as laptops, in addition to that the larger body allows the possibility of installing larger fans, which operate at a low temperature to obtain the same cooling performance as the small fans installed in laptops, Hence it makes less noise.
"Fast processors generate more heat, and graphics cards need 300 watts of power or more, and there's not enough space for all of that in thin laptops," Schultz added.
hardware upgrade
In addition to the easier cooling function, traditional computers also have the advantage of swapping chips, or what is known as a hardware upgrade. Schultz explained, "The hardware upgrade feature is not available in laptops, because the processors are not installed through sockets, and therefore cannot be replaced, in addition to that many components are soldered to the main board."
RAM cannot be expanded or replaced in laptops, and even if it is possible in some cases it needs experienced users as well as the support of professional technicians.
Traditional computers usually have a clear advantage in terms of hardware upgrades, as the user can easily remove and replace the RAM chips. "It is also easy for the user to increase the number of hard disks in traditional computers," Wellendorf added.
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