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6 perfect destinations for Christmas and New Year's holidays with children

11.12.2022 09:13 AM
6 perfect destinations for Christmas and New Year's holidays with children
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6 perfect destinations for Christmas and New Year's holidays with children

By December, planning to travel for the Christmas and New Year holiday season begins, but choosing the ideal destination may be difficult, especially if the family will travel with their children to give them an unforgettable New Year's holiday.

But there is one thing in common that many people love, and that is traveling, enjoying holiday decorations, and buying gifts.

Here we mention some of the most beautiful and wonderful tourist destinations for spending Christmas and New Year's holidays with children, to promise them a fun trip and a magical experience, according to the Italian "siviaggia" website:

Rovaniemi-Finland.. the home of Santa Claus

If there is a place in the world that can transport children to the magical world of Christmas, it is certainly Rovaniemi, the country of Santa Claus. It gives children the opportunity to meet the real Santa Claus, visit his original office and enter the legendary post office full of letters, and they can leave their own messages and live with their parents in the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

At the gates of Rovaniemi, children find themselves in front of Santa Park, an amusement park, where they can meet elves and Santa's helpers, visit a workshop where toys are built, ride horses, and do recreational activities such as reindeer sleigh rides.

As for the rest of the family, they can enjoy walking tours between the shops to buy souvenirs, restaurants and cafes, which fill the city of Santa Claus.

France... The spirit of Christmas in Disneyland

Disneyland in the French capital, Paris, is one of the most favorite destinations for children throughout the year, let alone during the Christmas period, where they can enjoy the fairytale atmosphere and wonderful places such as: Castle of Sleeping Beauty.

From the beginning of December until January 6, 2020, Disneyland Park is filled with the wonderful Christmas spirit, as the shops are decorated with stunning lights.

In addition to its hotels where its guests stay, where they can enjoy a unique stay inside the rooms and halls, which were prepared, decorated and furnished in a magical way that appeals to adults and children who can meet their favorite cartoon characters.

New York-United States... An unforgettable birthday experience

New York is one of the most beautiful destinations that can be visited during the Christmas holidays, the city that adults prefer to visit and children love as well. The second part of the Frozen movie, for the little ones to live an unforgettable and fun birthday experience.


London-United Kingdom... Hamleys is the largest toy store in the world

The British capital, London, is considered one of the most beautiful cities that can be enjoyed during the Christmas holidays with the family, as there are shopping centers and toy stores on Oxford Street, which alone is considered a paradise for children with its decorated windows full of bright lights.

Among the places that children will like during the Christmas holidays are Hamleys, the largest toy store in the world, which was established specifically this year for Christmas holidays, in addition to the Santa Cave, which gives children the opportunity to become dwarves who help Santa Claus in preparing gifts, singing and fun, to return home In their hands is a bag full of wonderful gifts and an unforgettable travel experience.

Germany... The city of Christmas and visiting the luminous holiday markets

Its markets attract visitors of all ages to see holiday decorations and charming lights during the winter season to enjoy the atmosphere of this imaginary market.

In Erfurt, there are more than 200 wooden kiosks dedicated to selling sweets, decorations and many other things in the Domplatz and Fischmarkt squares.

And there is the Strzelmackert Market, the oldest Christmas market in Germany, which offers German cuisine, handicrafts, choir concerts, songs and ballet performances, in addition to reading fairy tales.

Dresden's famous Stollen bread is a must. There are 120 bakeries and patisseries in Dresden that are certified to be made 100% according to traditional recipes and strict quality standards. It can be said that it is an incomparable gastronomic experience.

Czech Republic. New Year's snow and Christmas

December is considered one of the ideal months to visit the Czech Republic, especially for snow lovers and the distinctive winter weather, as Christmas markets abound and streets and alleys are decorated to celebrate the advent of the New Year.

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