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A Study Reveals The Most Listened To Bedtime Music... It's Not Classical!
A study, the results of which were published in the scientific journal "Plus One", revealed that rap and pop music is the preferred choice for a large number of people who prefer to listen to music before bed, and not calm classical music, as most people think.

In detail, the researchers reviewed data from the audio broadcasting service "Spotify" to determine the types of music that people who used to listen to music before bed listened to.

A surprising finding of the study, the researchers reported, was that soft classical music was not reported as highly as rap or pop music.
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Mauna Loa, world’s largest active volcano, erupts for first time in 38 years. Watch video

01.12.2022 08:11 AM
Mauna Loa, world’s largest active volcano, erupts for first time in 38 years. Watch video
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Mauna Loa, world’s largest active volcano, erupts for first time in 38 years. Watch video

Our planet's largest active volcano has awakened for the first time in four decades, turning the sky red.

The Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii started to erupt late Sunday night. NOAA's Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Studies tweeted the view from the GOES-West Earth-observing satellite on Monday.

The GIF shows the volcano's thermal activity in yellow and red along with the movement of the ash cloud and debris.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shared another shot from space that highlights the volcano's heat signature and sulfur dioxide release from the summit.


Mauna Loa is located in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. Authorities said Mauna Loa, in Hawaii, erupted for the first time since 1984, causing volcanic ash and debris to fall nearby.

The National Park Service has closed the summit area since early October due to increased seismic activity.

Because seismic vibrations can indicate that a volcano is preparing to erupt. The service has also since closed other parts of the park near Mauna Loa due to the eruption.

The US Geological Survey captured a dramatic scene of the eruption from the volcano's summit using a thermal camera.

A research camera placed on the northern edge of the volcano watched the eruption as it occurred. The stunning GIF, in which the experts used 24-hour time-lapse technology, allows the process to be charted as it transitions from calm to active.

The US Geological Survey stated that "lava continues to erupt from the summit and overflow from the calderas (huge volcanic craters that appear in the form of wide basins at the tops of volcanoes). There is no threat to the currently populated areas."

The USGS noted that it is an unpredictable volcano, and "based on past events, the early stages of a Mauna Loa eruption can be very dynamic and the location and progression of pyroclastic flows can change rapidly."

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