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The 5 social media posts that could ruin your career

30.11.2022 08:45 AM
The 5 social media posts that could ruin your career
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The 5 social media posts that could ruin your career
Social networking sites have become a large part of human life, and people are racing to publish everything they want to share about their personal or professional lives.
But beware, there are 5 things you should never share online for your future career.

An expert in business reputation management revealed what should not be published on "Social Media" in order to protect a person's working life.

Rose Sheldon, managing director of the British business reputation management company Igniyte, said that companies do not want to hire anyone who raises problems, based on posts he shared on social media, according to the Daily Mail.

1- Publication of ill-advised adventures or tumultuous travels
2- Speaking badly about your company or your boss
3- Share your opinions about celebrities or hot issues
4- Respond to those who annoy you
5 - Excessive sharing via "LinkedIn"
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