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Google mistakenly announces the final of the Qatar World Cup

28.09.2022 06:25 AM
Google mistakenly announces the final of the Qatar World Cup
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Google mistakenly announces the final of the Qatar World Cup

The search engine "Google" revealed the two parties that will play in the final match of the Football World Cup at the "Lusail" stadium in Qatar.

For a few hours, Google displayed the names of the two teams that will play the final match on December 18 in the World Cup, namely France and Brazil.

And according to the Spanish newspaper "AS", "Google" showed the names of the two teams when many searches for the matches that will be hosted by the "Lusail" stadium.

Google's post raised many users' questions about the reason for displaying the names of Brazil and France, as some went to consider what happened just a technical error, while others said that the reason was due to the search engine's review of its prediction capabilities.


According to "AS", "Google" amended it shortly after its publication, leaving fans of the "rooster" and "samba dancers" teams in question about the possibility of achieving this prediction.

And if Google's predictions are true, the final match between France and Brazil will be a copy of the 1998 World Cup final, which ended with the "roosters" crowning the title for the first time in his career.

The French team will play in the World Cup in Qatar with a group that includes Australia, Denmark and Tunisia, while Brazil will face Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon.

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