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Improve your website's ranking online using effective SEO techniques

30.05.2021 10:28 AM
Improve your website's ranking online using effective SEO techniques
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Improve your website's ranking online using effective SEO techniques
The value of the search engine optimization is its ability to increase the audience that will read your content by more than any other marketing method, so it is necessary for the success of page content that you learn how to enhance your content SEO on your website. The way you write your website content directly affects the evaluation and ranking of your page in the search engines, so you have to write in a way that the search engines understand and relate to what the browser actually needs.

Did you know that there are 3.5 billion searches performed on Google every day? This means that no matter how small your business is, there are definitely people looking for it on the Internet.

The problem, is that 90.88% of web pages on Google are hidden and inaccessible. The website studied nearly a billion web pages to discover that a huge number of them are invisible to users, in other words, they are not getting any organic traffic to the website

What’s SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which describes a series of techniques that are applied in order to improve the ranking of website pages in search engines such as Google Chrome. The goal is for those pages to appear in advanced ranks (we call them Rank) when searching for a specific word. That is, it appears on the primary search results pages.

SEO techniques:

White-hat SEO: These are the techniques recommended by search engines to improve the ranking of the website in the results, and to improve the design and display of the pages and the content of the website in general, as they are techniques that are considered safe and give long-lasting results.

Black-hat SEO: These are tactics that are used to rank a website that violates search engine guidelines. Black hat SEO techniques attempt to manipulate search engine algorithms to increase a site's rankings on the SERPs.

When we talk about SEO, we mainly target the main search engine Google, as it has a share of 91% of the market, making it the number one search engine in importance, but most of the techniques discussed are applicable to both Bing and Yahoo search engines.
Why should you care about website SEO?

In the spring of July of 2014, SEOMoz company conducted a study on the number of clicks that visitors make on the results that appear on the search results pages, so they calculated the number of clicks for each result that appears on the search page (number of clicks on the first result, number of clicks on the second result, number of clicks on the third result ... etc.) and they calculated the PageRank scale for those pages in order to answer the question ... Is there an effect on the ranking of the search result (first result, second, third ...) and between the increase in clicks on it, the following table answered the question ...

The result is clear, there is a direct relationship, whenever the position of the website is higher in the order of displaying results on the search page, the higher the percentage of clicked on them, and thus the increase in visits to the website.
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