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A “fatal error” made by iPhone users.. Here is the solution to fix it

18.07.2022 05:00 AM
A “fatal error” made by iPhone users.. Here is the solution to fix it
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A “fatal error” made by iPhone users.. Here is the solution to fix it

The British newspaper "The Sun" revealed what it described as a "fatal mistake" committed by iPhone users, which causes them to waste large storage space.

The source explained that many users waste a lot of storage space without realizing, which makes them resort to paying for more backup cloud storage space or deleting their precious photos and videos.

The error is related to "forgotten applications", which the user downloads and uses only rarely, which means that they use the storage capacity without taking advantage of it.

The Sun said that there is a simple solution for this type of application, through the “Offload Unused Apps” feature, which appears in your phone settings.

This feature removes apps that you don't use regularly, but at the same time it saves your contents and personal data inside them.

"After removing the apps, the data is kept in the cloud, which means you can easily reuse it again," she added.

The Sun tested this feature and was able to free up 38 gigabytes of storage.

Specialists say that this feature hits two birds with one room, as the user benefits from the storage space that was used without benefit, and keeps his data as is.

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